Architects in Manitoba

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Amphora Architecture Inc.
935 Grosvenor Avenue
Winnipeg, R3M 0M6
Funk Harold Architect Inc
401-55 Donald Street
Winnipeg, R3C 1L8
Number Ten Architectural Group
310-115 Bannatyne Avenue
Winnipeg, R3B 0R3
Crocker John Architect
820 North Dr
Winnipeg, R3T 0A5
Jac Comeau Architect
2-37 Home Street
Winnipeg, R3G 1W7
Stantec Architecture Ltd.
905 Waverley Street
Winnipeg, R3T 5P4
Northern Sky Architecture Inc
128 James Avenue
Winnipeg, R3B 0N8
Raymond S C Wan Architect Inc
50 Willow Avenue
Winnipeg, R3N 0G8
Cox Michael J
940 Rosser Avenue
Brandon, R7A 0L4
Cohlmeyer Architecture Limited
359 McDermot Avenue
Winnipeg, R3A 0A6
Courtnage Architect
164 Langside Street
Winnipeg, R3C 1Z4
NEJMARK Architect
2-54 Adelaide Street
Winnipeg, R3A 0V7
Andrew Wach Architects
102-181 Bannatyne Avenue
Winnipeg, R3B 0R4
Samson Engineering Inc
162 10th Street
Brandon, R7A 4E6
Stechesen Leslie J Architects Inc
205-6 Roslyn Rd
Winnipeg, R3L 0G5
Walter Ernie H A Architect Inc
98-698 Corydon Avenue
Winnipeg, R3M 0X9
MCM Architects
141 St Anne's Rd
Winnipeg, R2M 2Z3
Verne Reimer Architecture
109-374 River Avenue
Winnipeg, R3L 0E4
MCM Architects Inc
158 8th Street
Brandon, R7A 3X1
Friesen Tokar Architects + Landscape + Interior Designers
200-300 Waterfront Dr
Winnipeg, R3B 0G5
Voitec Architect Inc
516 St Catherine Street
Winnipeg, R2J 0N1
Manitoba Association of Architects
137 Bannatyne Avenue
Winnipeg, R3B 0R3
Ager Little Architects Inc
202-275 Broadway
Winnipeg, R3C 4M6
Cibinel Architects Ltd
A-420 Stradbrook Avenue
Winnipeg, R3L 0J8
MMP Architects Inc
300-214 McDermot Avenue
Winnipeg, R3B 0S3
James Kacki-Architect & Planner
62 Roslyn Rd
Winnipeg, R3L 0G6
Peter Sampson Architecture Studio
707 Sara Avenue
Winnipeg, R3G 0Y8
Smith Carter Architects And Engineers Incorporated
1600 Buffalo Pl
Winnipeg, R3T 6B8
Affinity Architecture Inc
200-4 Fort Street
Winnipeg, R3C 1C4
Goyer David Architecture Inc
200-909 Dorchester Avenue
Winnipeg, R3M 0P7
Syverson Monteyne Architecture
194 Sherbrook Street
Winnipeg, R3C 2B6
Cooper Rankin Architects
103-7 Evergreen Pl
Winnipeg, R3L 2T3
Synshyn Architecture
603-63 Albert Street
Winnipeg, R3B 1G4
Giovanni Geremia Architect
351 Assiniboine Avenue
Winnipeg, R3C 0X9
Richard R Prins
206-100 Osborne Street
Winnipeg, R3L 1Y5
Silver Lanny L M Architect
437 Assiniboine Avenue
Winnipeg, R3C 0Y5
Francois Clauzade Cindy Gibson Architects
211-161 Stafford Street
Winnipeg, R3M 2W9
5468796 Architecture Inc
266 McDermot Avenue
Winnipeg, R3B 0S8
Bios Studio
201-205 Alexander Avenue
Winnipeg, R3B 3C1
Secter Lloyd W Architect
115 Lamont Blvd
Winnipeg, R3P 0E7
Boreskie Michael Architect Inc
403-138 Portage Avenue E
Winnipeg, R3C 0A1
Republic Architecture Inc
374 Donald Street
Winnipeg, R3B 2J2
Gerald A Korzeniowski Architect Inc
218 Overdale Street
Winnipeg, R3J 2G3
Prairie Architects Inc
300-141 Bannatyne Avenue
Winnipeg, R3B 0R3
Penner David Architect
120 Yale Avenue
Winnipeg, R3M 0L7
LM Architectural Group
500-136 Market Avenue
Winnipeg, R3B 0P4